Mobdro FAQs – The Solutions for Problems faced by Users

Smartphones have been advancing at a breathtaking rate. The gap between smartphones and computers has been closing faster than ever, and that has led to great smartphones and equally great apps. Mobdro is a great application for Android and we will discuss some of the Mobdro FAQs of the app in this post.

Mobdro is only as good as the sources it takes the content from. But if you pitch it with other similar apps, it will surely be a great competitor. If you are looking at apps with this kind of features, then you probably won’t find anything better than this one.

That aside, we will see some of the more common issues and questions about Mobdro FAQs that users have.

Mobdro FAQs

There are a lot of Mobdro FAQs regarding the app and we won’t be able to discuss all of them, but we will include the important ones.

There are different categories of the Mobdro FAQs and we will discuss a few from each of them. Here we go.

Mobdro FAQs


  • How to get Mobdro?

    • This is a freemium app that you can get from the app’s official website. You can tap on the button below. You can also check out the installation guide to know how to install it.
  • Is it Freemium?

    • The app is a freemium one meaning you can install it for freemium and most of the features are also by paying nothing. But you need to upgrade to premium to get some of the extra features.

Premium Version

  • Can the content be loaded?

    • Once you have purchased the premium version of Mobdro, you can capture content as you like and as much as you like. It also allows how much of the content you want to capture.
  • Can you use the premium version of the app on other devices?

    • You have to purchase the premium version only once. After that, you can use Mobdro on any device by logging into your account. Keep in mind that it won’t work for

Mobdro FAQs Troubleshooting


  • Missing Content

    • Mobdro doesn’t have its own library and relies on other sources for online content. It does not have any control over other content. If it was there earlier and it is not there, then the content must’ve gone offline.
  • What is the Parse Error?

    • This kind of error pops-up when the APK is damaged or when your device doesn’t meet up with the requirements. You need to have Android 4.2 in order to make the app work.
  • Slow Content and stuttering

    • If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then this problem might occur. But if the internet is okay, then the content may have reached its max bandwidth capacity. In that case, Mobdro can’t do anything and you would have to try again later.

Permissions and Data

  • What is “Share”?

    • When you find a really good content and you think your friend might like it too, then you can send them that link using the Share option. That way, you can recommend another Mobdro user of what you are getting.
  • Why does the app need the account info?

    • The app doesn’t do anything with your app info other than to check whether you have purchased the premium version or not. So there is really no need to worry.

So, these were some of the most important Mobdro FAQs and queries that the users have regarding this app. Now, if you have a similar problem, you can solve it with the help of this guide.

This ends the discussion on Mobdro FAQs. As you can see, the post will help the readers a bunch and they can solve their problems without any worries. If you have anything else that you need to reconfirm or a query to solve, then you can click here to contact us at

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